How do you define wealth? What do you know about mortgages, credit + investing?

It’s no secret that Canada’s cost of living is steadily increasing by the day, mortgage interest rates are at highs we haven’t seen in more than a decade, and Canadians are struggling to purchase homes, manage debt + credit and create generational wealth.

Housing shortages are at the heart of Canada’s current housing affordability crisis. Competing offers on this small supply of properties continues to drive prices up, and the current inflated interest rates across the country are creating increased difficulties to qualify for a mortgage on new purchases and refinances alike.

The largest hurdle today is a lack of knowledge surrounding what lenders consider an ideal borrower, resulting in potentially unsuitable financing, lower qualification amounts and unnecessary declines.

Consumer debt is up 5.6% from this time last year. The average Baby Boomer is carrying over $55,000, Gen X over $65,000, and Millennials over $48k,000 in consumer debt such as credit cards, loans and lines of credits.

Credit scores are declining as many struggle to make minimum payments, increase borrowing against current credit cards, and apply for additional credit facilities to “bridge the gap” between income and expenses each month.

Without directly addressing debt load and impact on credit, this can lead one into a vicious cycle that is next to impossible to get out of.

Increasing debt loads from inflation, soaring interest rates and higher housing prices reflect directly on the ability to actively save and build wealth for the average Canadian. Finding and utilizing alternative methods of investing can open new doors to build personal wealth and find financial freedom.

M-Powered Living provides access to build a strong foundation for personal wealth + financial freedom through uniquely crafted courses, programs and planning services ensuring your employees realize their potential to create the life they’ve always dreamed of starting exactly where they are now; building from that foundation with clear, actionable steps proven to create results.

We do this by providing the most current and relevant industry information and knowledge, packaged into easy to access courses with interactive guides, empowering employees to create custom action plans for specific financial needs.

M-Powered Living currently offers access to three digital mentorship programs that will take your employees on the most direct path toward achieving their financial goals; redefining wealth through curiosity + education.


Home ownership IS for you!

Unlock a clear path to mortgage approval, leaving fear and overwhelm behind.

60 days. 6 simple steps.

Your successful home purchase starts here.

The Mortgage Mentorship provides access to the successful purchase of your first, or next property.

Transform yourself into an “ideal borrower” in the eyes of Canadian mortgage lenders by curating your own in-depth action plan to take you from renting to owning with ease.

Through 6 strategically crafted steps, backed by 15+ years of helping Canadians successfully purchase their own homes you will:

· learn the most common mistakes made when purchasing property- so that you don’t make those same ones!

· master your credit ensuring access to the best rates and lender programs available

· learn how intentional purchasing practices will allow you to reach your financial goals sooner

· obtain vital tips and strategies to maximize your down payment

· access debt repayment strategies that reduce interest payments and keep your hard-earned money in your pocket

· prepare to interview your purchasing partners such as mortgage brokers, realtors, and lawyers to ensure you are authentically represented through every step of your purchase

· determine lending loopholes that will maximize your purchasing power and save you money

Home ownership is much closer than you think! Get ready to open the door to YOUR home.


Excellent credit is easier than you think!

Take control of your financial future by taking control of your credit and debt.

3 modules. 3 weeks.

Create the credit score of your dreams.

They taught us about Joseph Stalin, the Pythagorean Theorem, and Shakespeare in high school. They should have been teaching us about financial independence, responsible borrowing and managing credit.

This is the knowledge you’ve needed since you turned 18 and were able to start formally borrowing money.

If you are starting from scratch with zero credit, starting over after a major life event like bankruptcy or a divorce, or rebuilding from years of mismanagement, late payments and collections, you’ve come to the right place. Life happens.

Where you are coming from doesn’t matter. Where you are going does! Anyone can become the master of their own credit! That includes you.

This 3-module program is conveniently released straight to your inbox over 3 weeks and will have you:

· Understanding your personal credit report and history and their importance to your financial future

· Tackling issues such as collections and late payments

· Learning the most common misconceptions regarding credit, and using them to strengthen your relationship with money

· Strategically reducing debt load, allowing you to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket each month

· Increasing your credit score each month providing access to effortless borrowing

A great credit score is right around the corner, you just need to take the first step.


I’ve got a mortgage secret…

Mortgages aren’t just a debt option to purchase a home. Mortgages can also be a place to invest.

Let me teach you how.

3 weeks. 3 steps.

Become your own investment manager here.

Alternative investing opportunities exist that allow you to set your own terms, level of risk, and rate of return using RRSP and TFSA funds that typically otherwise sit untouched for 25+ years.

Canadians have been investing in mortgages for many years, yet no one is really talking about it… at least not as much as they should be!

Cultivating wealth and your ideal life starts with making savvy financial decisions. What could be better than choosing every aspect of your investment to suit your financial goals and support your financial future?

I’m going to teach you how to become your own wealth and investment manager through mortgage investing. This program will outline:

· How to set attainable and realistic financial goals

· How to determine the level of risk you are comfortable with

· How to choose borrowers, rates and fees

· How to underwrite a potential opportunity like a pro with the 5 Cs of credit

· How and where to find solid investment opportunities

· How to build relationships and industry partnerships that ensure success

Personalized investing, and planning your own financial future is available to you. Let me show you how.

· Bulk discount pricing options are available for corporations looking to offer access to multiple programs as part of corporate wellness packages for employees


About Marie O’Donnell

Hi, I’m Marie!

I spend my time doing things that make me feel relaxed, content and at ease. I fill my days doing things that I love. I give my personal time to those I respect and align with. I look forward to time at home. I value time with family. I’m happiest when with my dogs. You’ll often find me with a coffee in hand, a house full of dogs, a new tattoo, and surrounded by plants.

I believe we dictate our future. There is no can’t. There is only won’t.

I believe that there are no set rules with anything in life, no matter how often people tell you there are.

I believe there is always more than one way to do something.

I believe that what you want or need doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.

I believe we make our own rules. I believe we choose our own path.

I believe that anything is possible, with knowledge, a partner + a plan.


M-Powered Living exists to fulfill my vision to see as many people as possible living their ideal life. To have them feeling confident and secure and cultivating wealth and health on their own terms.

I feel blessed with the ability to partner with you, to create your vision- your unique set of rules and a unique for YOU plan.


You name it, I’ve done it. And because I’ve done it, I can teach you.

I think my life and career as I know it today ultimately started in high school. I wanted to work full time and so I decided to change the way I went to school. I didn’t ask anyone, I just adjusted how I learned, and made the education system work for me.

Most twenty somethings move out of mom and dads house. This twenty something moved to Mexico and spent her days teaching English and earning a six figure income from the beach running a mortgage business.

Always focused on the “big financial picture” the following 11 years manifested the purchase, renovation and sale of 9 properties, in addition to the solo opening of my first brick and mortar business – a yoga studio.

The studio closed in 2019. I found myself in financial ruin at 34. I started over and rebuilt, better than before.

Starting and running that business was the hardest thing I have ever done.

It was also the best thing I have ever done.

So many lessons learned. Mistakes made. Learning to listen to my heart over what was in my head.

Unmistakably the best thing I have ever done as an entrepreneur.

I don’t regret one single second.

Every single story, every moment, every lesson has brought me here, to you.


Health + Wealth Mentorship: M-Powered Living

Mortgage Broker: Avenue Financial

E-RYT 200 Hour

PH: 403-397-0465