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A new way of looking at community.

Whether you are an HR Professional looking for community and support


a Vendor who wants to get your message in front of a wider audience….


HR PROFESSIONALS – Check out our networking opportunities (In person & online in our community chats & forums).  Interact with other Human Resources Professionals in the same field as you. Read articles or watch video blogs of efforts & passions of other members in the community.  Be a part of a community Book club and share your thoughts. Pamper yourself with discounts (perks and discounts) from participating local vendors AND MORE!!!

VENDORS – Check out ways that you can get in front of your target audience, exclusive discount offers to help your business thrive, exclusive events catered to business owners, AND MORE!!!

Welcome Chillaxers!

You Have Been Asking For It, So We Have Brought It!

ChillHR has been created with HR Professionals in mind. Because let’s face it. HR is there for the people, but who is there for HR?  

Our platform will allow you, the HR Professional, access to other HR Professionals in the community. You will be able to share blogs (video and article) about things that make your heart happy! Join the book club, Bounce ideas off of each other & support each other when needed, find resources you may not have been aware of that may be OUTSIDE of your existing EAP program. THERE IS EVEN MORE! FIND OUT INSIDE THE COMMUNITY!


We are always putting on an event for both the business side of the house, the HR side of the house, and sometimes, we mingle them together! Events are important so that our members can enjoy an opportunity to socialize, laugh, and make connections with other ChillHR members. 


Who doesn’t LOVE being pampered?!?! We have been skillfully choosing vendors who are close to home for you to enjoy. Most of the larger rewards programs have mostly large companies. We wanted to ensure that Canadian Small to Medium Businesses also have the opportunity to participate in rewards programs for you. 

Finding What You Need Just Got Simpler

Corporate Events & Corporate Wellness & Corporate Gifts, Oh My!

As an HR Professional, there are days where you are tasked with planning the next corporate Christmas party or team building event. Or you may be in charge of the Corporate Wellness piece, and need to find that perfect “add-on” for your employees. Whatever you are tasked with in your HR Professional role for outsourcing, ChillHR has you covered.

We have simplified your task by conveniently putting vendors on one page. Visit our list of vendors here.

Is there a particular vendor you would like to see? Tell us about them!

Partnerships & Collaborations

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