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Vendor FAQ’s2022-10-21T07:53:20-06:00
Can other salespeople that work at the same company as me purchase a listing?2022-10-19T16:41:46-06:00

ChillHR only allows one representative per company. If you are a salesperson that has 10,000 sales people, if you purchase your spot first, you will be the only one representing the company for all of the provinces that you are allowed to represent. This way, we ensure that our directory is not overloaded with the too many salespeople from the same organization.

What is the advantage of purchasing a directory listing with ChillHR?2022-10-19T15:53:34-06:00

ChillHR is the online social exclusive community for HR Professionals. We strive to provide HR Professionals with the resources they need for their company. If you have a business where HR Departments or Companies can hire your business’s product or service, then we can help ensure that your business is seen by our HR Professional members.

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