On the phone? In person? On social media?

We know how difficult it can be “smiling and dialing” every day. It’s a lot like the old-time salespeople standing on the back of their wagons banging a drum trying to get sales. (Which is where the saying “drumming up business” comes from). As a business, you need a place where you can plant your sign and share your vision with the type of people who can appreciate and understand what you’re offering.

That’s what we want for you!

ChillHR is the place where you can promote your business to the people you’ve been dreaming about sharing it with… Human Resources professionals and business owners.


                        RESOURCES, SAVINGS, AND PROMOTION!

Decisions, decisions…. Why choose when you can have them all?

There are a lot of things involved in making a successful business. One of them is knowing where to spend your money and another is knowing where to save it. At ChillHR, we have reached out to some of the best and brightest minds, and we have asked them to provide savings for you and your business. As you know, anything that can cut your overhead increases your profits and that’s what we all want. We have found ways to reduce the cost of doing business when accepting payments, when marketing your business, answering legal questions, discovering new ideas, and connecting with a larger audience. Think of it as getting the inside scoop on what corner is best to start banging that drum!


                          LET’S TAKE A LITTLE PEEK BACK STAGE!

Here’s a little look at just one of the things we have in store for you!

One of the most exciting announcements we have the pleasure to share is our association with Underground Radio C. This is a podcast that features local businesses, personalities, and groups. It has an audience that ranges from 50,000 to 500,000+ listeners at a time and can have an amazing impact on how well “your drum gets heard”. Below is a breakdown of how Underground Radio C is working with ChillHR to provide value and exposure with incredible savings to our vendor members.

Rates for non-members: 30 minutes for $777.00 + GST

Rates for members: $677.00 + GST for 45 minutes

This includes promotion across social media to a wide audience around the world. 

You get savings AND you get an amplifier to get your message heard loud and clear. 


This section showcases our Business Members!

Be sure to check each of them out! Each has a product or service that is unique (or unique-ish) to help your business thrive.


You are an expert in your field and most likely fanatically passionate about your product/service. Why not share that passion, and knowledge with our community and our visitors? We know you have a product/service that can help someone. Now all you have to do is share it.