Cratic AI Frequently Asked Questions

Cratic AI Frequently Asked Questions2024-05-29T16:10:29-06:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Cratic FAQ page! Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about our services, products, and company policies. Whether you’re looking for details on how Cratic works, need help troubleshooting an issue, or want to learn more about our features, we’ve got you covered. If you have a question that isn’t listed below, feel free to send it to us, and we’ll make sure to add it to our FAQ. We’re committed to providing you with the information you need and appreciate your feedback to help us improve.

Is Cratic “just” a survey tool?2024-05-29T16:25:54-06:00
Cratic uses pre-built surveys to drive conversations in the team, but it’s not a survey tool. It focuses on language and ideological gaps, and works to fill those gaps with thoughtful conversations. Cratic reflects results to the users automatically, removing the extra work that surveys require.
Isn’t this the same as Bamboo HR? Don’t they do the same thing as Cratic AI?2024-05-29T16:24:50-06:00
No, Bamboo manages all of the paperwork and processes involved in the employee lifecycle. Cratic is different. It helps employees bond on an emotional level, in order to learn and grow from each other.
Doesn’t it depend on whether there are toxic people in the group?2024-05-29T16:23:32-06:00

Our goal at Cratic isn’t to root out the bad apples. So we don’t label people as “toxic”. Instead, we help all employees communicate and work together better. There’s enormous value to be gained by helping teams resolve their issues and move forward.

Isn’t this software really circumstantial and based on people’s mental health?2024-05-29T16:22:38-06:00
Yes, culture and mental health are closely tied. In our experience, good conversations and positive emotional bonds between employees help boost individual mental health and also the team’s group dynamics.
Does Cratic AI integrate with other HRIS, like Bamboo?2024-05-29T16:21:06-06:00

Cratic is a standalone system. Right now there are many HRIS, so we look to our customers to tell us where they want us to integrate.

I’ve heard eNPS is inconsistent… What are the arguments for and against eNPS?2024-06-03T18:13:46-06:00

Cratic works with any metric our customers use to assess their team culture. Cratic uses eNPS the most often, because it is well known and a lot of research shows that it correlates to employee wellbeing and success. If your organization uses a different wellbeing metric, Cratic will improve that too.

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