Mental Health Wellness is on the rise for most Corporations. 

Companies are looking for benefits which support their employees well being. When we experience a divorce, this affects our mental and emotional wellness. When we experience purchasing a home, this can be stressful and affects our mental well being. If we have a legal matter happen after business hours, most lawyers will not be there to help you, which causes mental and emotional stress. Roughly 50% of Canadians do not have a will, mostly because it is expensive. And those that choose to fill out a will kit, may not be aware that if the will kit was not filled out correctly, it can void their will. This can also provide mental and emotional stress. With our low monthly fees, your employees dont have to be stressed anymore. Reach out to Serena Pawluk today to talk about putting in a no obligation, voluntary corporate wellness plan in your organization today.


Your most valuable asset is your employees. Looking out for them, and providing meaningful corporate wellness programs for them, are paramount. Legal and Identity Theft issues are an important matter that affects both the employee and the employer. Absenteeism creeps upward as people are faced with legal and/or Identity theft issues. Even worse, in some cases, is their lack of presence due to these issues. If an employee is dealing with a Legal or Identity theft issue for too long (or isn’t dealing at all with it due to the financial burden), it can become their first step on the road to mental health concerns. This can cripple their productivity both at and away from work.

HR directors are tasked with the responsibility of removing obstacles to productivity, and this is exactly what a legal and Identity theft group plan with LegalShield/IDShield is capable of doing for them.

As the HR Decision Maker, you can choose how to provide these benefits. Either as a payroll deduction voluntary benefit, or as a Full fringe or half fringe benefit. Our system ensures that there are no major administration frustrations. Our online portal is simple to use. The legal and Identity Theft services are meant to be comprehensive and offer something out of the ordinary to help employees.

Almost every company with an HR department in Canada has an Employee Assistance Program in place to help their employees. Legal is a part of the program, but the coverage is never as robust as a monthly Legal services plan.

A LegalShield plan does not cost extra to have the following:

  • 24/7 emergency access (A lawyer on the phone after business hours for emergencies such as being detained, or child welfare at your door)
  • Unlimited advice and consultation per incident
  • Document review (Examples – telephone or electricity bills, wedding venue contracts, insurance contracts)
  • Estate planning kits created by a lawyer in your province

Our LegalShield and IDShield monthly subscription plans are able to take an extremely heavy burden off the shoulders of hard-working employees and make them feel more valued by you – their employer.

Team Pawluk – LegalShield Independent Associates is proudly partnered with the Alberta Chambers of Commerce.

Our partnership with the ACC is a significant collaboration which benefits Alberta businesses. As a non-profit organization, the ACC is dedicated to protecting the interests of businesses in Alberta. By partnering with them, we can roll out a campaign into the province wide network, providing Chamber communities sustainability & growth in their local communities.

Together, we can achieve providing business owners and their employees affordable access to Legal and Identity Theft options.  When companies decide to roll out LegalShield &/or IDShield plans as a corporate employee benefit, a good portion of the sales goes towards programs geared towards our Alberta businesses.

 We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership brings & look forward to continuing to work together to support the growth & success of Alberta businesses.

If you would like to learn more about the products/services that LegalShield and IDShield can offer you either as an individual, please click on the picture below.

If you would like more information on how LegalShield can empower and protect your employees at no cost to your organization, send an email to She will setup a zoom call to explain how it works.


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