Regain your Peace and Happiness 

“Reese I have been struggling to find my center for a while and I have not yet found any practices that help in the long run” -You 

With my long standing background of social services with high risk individuals before completing my training as an Indigenous Medicine woman. I am most used to working with folks in crisis or years after cris that need a helping hand in finding peace within themselves again. I am also more than happy to work with folks before they get to the point of a mental health crisis.

As an Indigenous medicine woman I had the opportunity to specialize in Trauma Recovery Psychology, Rehabilitative Physiology, and Chronic Pain management. With this I have had the pleasure to Help folks recover from both emotional and Physical traumas and ailments wherever they are in their own recovery journeys.

A few of my favorite modalities of healing include:

  • Traditional Music Therapy

Whether we grab a drum or guitar and I find the rhythm that helps you to release the stress, sorrow, or anguish you hold in your cells as you speak, chant, or sing aloud. Both with myself and through my clients I have found music to be one of the best aids in helping everyone heal both physically and emotionally 

  • Talk Therapy 

Sometimes we all just need to talk about it. In our everyday lives we often do not have the space for an open and non judgemental conversation. Even I myself have a therapist to soundboard thoughts and Ideas off of that I do not vocalize in day to day life. Whether that’s in person over the phone or even on a video call we all need a confidential space to speak.

  • Specialized Breathwork Techniques  

I have found breathwork to be one of the simplest and easiest tools to implement into our daily lives with the most consistent positive outcomes. I am trained in breathwork techniques that range from managing anxiety all the way to techniques that help us release the ongoing effects of past traumas from our bodies without the use of any pharmaceuticals. With proper implementation we can better manage all areas of our lives with just our breath.

Are you searching for any of the answers to the questions below?

  • How do I become happy again?
  • How do I become less anxious or frustrated at work?
  • How do I let go of a past experience?
  • Where do I start on my journey to wellness?
  • How do I better communicate my emotions to those around me?

About Reese Sabatini

Reese is an indigenous medicine woman specialized in rehabilitative physiology, trauma recovery psychology, and chronic pain management. While completing her training Reese spent ten years in both volunteer and paid social work with high risk lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Individuals. Specifically spending her last 4 years in social work co-facilitating support groups for transgender people of all ages. 

Reese Is also a Best-Selling Author of Paralysis: Beating the Odds Where she shares an intimate view of her own recovery journey from paralysis as a teenager with her readers. She has also recently released the second book in the series giving an ever broader look into the obstacles you too could surpass with the right tools and guidance along the way.  It was through her own recovery both physically and emotionally that ignited Reese’s passion to help others overcome all of their own obstacles and take back their joy and whole body wellness.