Credit & Debit Services By Canadians For Canadians

Now more than ever, Canadian businesses should be supporting each other and helping each other to keep more money within our local communities. These last few years have been a scary time for many businesses and it’s extremely important we do our due diligence to drive more money and more sales within our local economies.

The vast majority of Canadian businesses right this moment are processing Credit & Debit with American corporations that will never set foot in our country, let alone shop where we shop, or aid our economies. This leaves many merchants frustrated not only with having to rely on foreign support, but never having the face-to-face relationships a local provider could give them. Many merchants are simply unaware that local companies exist that could give them better products, better service, and a local representative to assist them – for less than they currently pay.

Lucid Payments can offer many benefits that go above and beyond pricing, and here are a few reasons why your Canadian business should be supporting local when it comes to your Credit & Debit services as well:

Lower Processing Rates

This is always the number one thing businesses look for when it comes time to switch, and while vastly important to your bottom line, there are more important things than rates. Many Canadian customers choose to spend more than they would at the big box stores, to support local business and their local communities. However, in our industry it seems like only the lowest bidder gets the business. While we do have wholesale rates that are cheaper than our competition and save money 90% of the time, supporting local should never be about who is the cheapest, but it should be about who provides the better product/service. We do both.

In Person Service / Support

While it’s true for most technical things you would have to reach out to tech support, Lucid Payments offers in person support as well. We have agents that will gladly come to your business and help you with the set up of your new devices, explain how things work, do a test transaction, and answer any questions you may have – so you can focus on running your business! Having someone locally you can call for any in person assistance you need, is invaluable in this industry. If your current provider cannot offer you this, perhaps it’s time to consider a local provider!

100% Canadian, Family-Owned Provider

It’s no secret that Canadians love purchasing from other Canadians. It keeps more money in our economy, it helps bring more customers and growth to our communities, and more importantly – it feels good buying Canadian owned. Signing with Lucid ensures that each month when you pay your bill, that money remains in the Canadian economy and helps grow our business which allows us to offer better pricing and better products to Canadian merchants. We should not be giving our hard earned business profits away to big banks and foreign entities, we should be keeping that money local!

Superior Products

The Credit & Debit industry changes all the time, and we don’t just mean the rates. New tech is available constantly that bring with it a plethora of features and capabilities that allow merchants to run their businesses more efficiently. At Lucid Payments, we invest in only the best and most feature packed equipment in the industry. Everything from inventory management, customer reporting, employee management, a built in app store, and much more, allows your business to run more efficiently than ever before. While we know at the end of the day a terminal is a means to accept plastic, they can do so much more if you invest in newer technology.

Honesty & Integrity

The biggest complaint with our industry is that merchants no longer feel they can trust their providers. Most companies do not take the time to properly explain things to their customers, and they’re often left blindsided when their bill arrives. We’ve seen it all over the last 12 years, some of the biggest companies in the industry that inflate rates, withhold information, charge hidden fees, and more. The reason why we founded our company, and why we chose the name Lucid, was because we wanted to be known for our honesty and provide a service that is unseen in the industry. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers know exactly what they’re going to pay, and why.

These are just some of the reasons why Lucid Payments could benefit your business, and why creating a partnership with us could be mutually beneficial for years to come. We look forward to connecting with many more Canadian businesses and showing them why if they are not with Lucid Payments, they are not getting the benefits they should be getting. If you are a Canadian business and you’re not processing locally, you are simply paying too much. Why pay more for less?

About Steven Cumiskey

Steven has been assisting merchants all over Canada as the VP of Operations / Co – Owner of Lucid Payments for 12+ years. Throughout the years, he has made it his passion to help his customers fully understand their fees, what they mean, and why they have to pay them.

As the person that handles all of the company’s quotes and pricing structures, he understands the in and outs of the industry and loves sharing his knowledge with his customers, and potential customers, so they can spend less time worrying about their rates and more time worrying about their business. The industry is extremely complex and changes all the time, so it’s very important you have someone in your corner that you can trust when it comes to your business’ processing.

Steven owns Lucid Payments with his mother and sister, and together they have been helping merchants all over Canada save money on their processing, while getting better local service and superior products. If you are a Canadian business, it would be in your best interest to reach out and see what they can do for you!