Employee Engagement & Appreciation

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic changed how we conduct business. It used to be easy to just sit in the conference room and hold a meeting, but that’s been replaced with the need for social distancing and conference video calls for the last two years. The corporate world is slowly starting to open up and it is embracing a new normal routine when it comes to working in the office again.

Maintaining employee relationships has been essential during the peak of the pandemic and also post-pandemic. It has been important to ensure you keep your social network intact and communicate the importance and respect you have for your team members.

Studies show that organizations engaged in employee development increased sales and doubled in profits compared to organizations not committed to employee engagement.

Here are 7 tips to consider for your team to keep them engaged and appreciated while working hard:

1. Keep Social Routine

Some employees still choose to work remotely, and it can be more difficult for them to stay connected with their co-workers in the office these days. In order to keep them connected:

· Schedule weekly video calls to provide with up-to-date workflow and plan for the week ahead.

· Establish a lunch routine. Schedule a weekly or bi-weekly lunch with the team either via video call or at the physical location. No work-related topics should be discussed during a lunch hour.

2. Employee Training

Investing in the team’s personal development comes with a lot of benefits. They become more equipped with tools to be even more productive. This will show that employees are valued, and they will be more dedicated and motivated to accomplish new goals. Despite the initial monetary cost, staff training pays back your investment by reducing employee turnover.

3. Unplug

While staying connected is necessary, many employees who are still working remotely these days are screen tired. Whether at home or at the office it is important to have a designated take-a-break-from-work area. Advise the employees to schedule their breaks. Just like in the office, going to have a coffee break in the lunchroom, this routine is much needed and should be implemented in the home office as well. As an option, create a lounge space where you can read a magazine or listen to some music while taking a break from the computer.

4. Team-building Activities

These conversations and work relationships just don’t happen via video conferencing or meeting in the boardroom. Friendships are important to establish at work – we all need to feel that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. It is necessary to create the environment for this to happen.

You need to schedule not only important meetings, but also play time with your employees. You can go on a Scavenger Hunt, White Water Rafting, Painting Night or do an Amazing Race together.

5. Promote Wellness

If the nature of the work requires you to be at the office and sitting in front of the computer, make it a rule and ensure your staff are moving their body and getting plenty of exercise throughout the day. One way to do it is to get outside and fill up the brain and body with oxygen. A great tip is to go for a quick walk around the block during the break or lunch time. A 5–10-minute walk will make up for a coffee break and make you feel re-energized for the rest of the workday.

6. Have Fun

Cheers to a happy hour! While ambitious goals and getting your work done is important, you need to have some balance. Remember the good old days when you went out for a drink on Friday nights with co-workers? Do something fun together by bringing the team together for an end-of workweek drink. It can be done virtually or connecting in person as a team, of course keeping in mind the recommended physical distancing. It is very important to take a break from work and connect with each other while doing something fun together.

7. Celebrate Achievements

Last but not the least, remember to acknowledge and appreciate the employee’s hard work. Track team wins, create a quarter goal, make thank you notes, create memorable moments and many more. This small but very needed gesture will pay back the company in the long run. When employees are appreciated, and their work is recognized the motivation in the workplace will be getting increased, and so will the productivity.

We know that even a small appreciation makes it count. The gifts that you choose or actions you take can reveal a lot about how you feel about the person. Whatever you decide to do, make more than just the thought that counts – make it all about the people you work with.

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