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When you are choosing a marketing agency, you want to ensure that you are choosing one that you can put your trust and confidence in. Their ability to deliver desirable results is paramount. You want a hard working, ethical, bold, strategic firm. Here at ChillHR, this was also important to us that we partnered with an advertising agency that was all the words mentioned above and the cherry on top too. We feel that we found them.

Introducing In Front Marketing

This strategic company has been in business for 8 years. They understand that every business is unique. With this at the forefront of their minds, they help you create the best strategy for your business. They use modern & cutting edge technology to draw in organic traffic/conversions to your site.

At the end of the day, they chose the best tagline because this company really knows how to BE BOLD. BE STRATEGIC. BE IN FRONT.


These are an important part of being a decision maker when looking at WHY a company should choose a company for your product or service needs. These are some of the reviews we found for In Front.

Better Business Bureau – In great standing with review

Bark.com Client Reviews

UpCity Client Reviews (quite a few on this site)

About Dave Taylor

Dave works through the eyes of the business owner, is a creative thinker, and has been designing advertising and creative messaging for over 15 years. Working with clientele in all industries and often with a long list of over 500 clients annually, he has seen many organizations struggle to understand digital advertising and the impact it can have on the overall bottom line.

Over the years, Dave recognized that business owners are being asked to invest in digital media without proper tracking or an understanding of the impact this was having on their business. Dave then worked to provide more value to his clients by buying media and tracking data through his own partnerships and cofounded In Front Marketing, now representing organizations such as the Calgary Flames and all 5 major sports teams under C.S.E.C. as their lead agency.

A true entrepreneur, Dave left a high paying corporate job, and Incorporated IFM with close friend and business partner John McColman.After 2 years working countless hours waiting tables and building the foundation of In Front Marketing, Dave & John are now celebrating 8 years in business and continue to grow.



We feel that it is important that you have a sense of the company that you are referring, so we arranged to have Underground Radio C conduct an exclusive interview with Dave Taylor. Please watch the video below to get a better idea of one of the people behind In Front Marketing, and how they can help businesses grow.


Be sure to login and view the offer that In Front Marketing is offering our members only.


The best way to really get to know someone and their business, is to have a conversation with them. We invite you to send Dave a message and invite him for a virtual or in person chit chat. As a member of ChillHR, you are able to refer our Partners, and make a little bit of extra cash in the process.


Customer testimonials are extremely valuable. Not only for the business, but also for future clients to get a sense of the business that they are thinking of hiring. They provide this unbiased candour and give the company a firm pat on the back to say “You’re A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! Thank you!”

If you already have experience with In Front Marketing, please do leave a testimonial below in the comments! Dave will be able to see and respond, and our members will get a sense of just how awesome In Front Marketing is. 🙂