Elevating Expectations with Unmatched Service, Rapid Growth, and Genuine Client Care 

When Choosing the company that we wanted to partner with for all insurance needs, we wanted to choose a company that knows no boundaries in Customer care, has no limits with helping clients get any insurance type they seek, and are always putting their clients first.

Introducing Eau Claire Partners

In a sea of insurance companies vying for attention, navigating the multitude of options can be overwhelming. Amidst this vast landscape, however, stands one beacon of unparalleled service and versatility: Eau Claire Partners. While countless insurers boast expansive portfolios, Eau Claire Partners transcends mere diversity by embodying the essence of a true one-stop brokerage. Their commitment to serving clients knows no bounds, as they possess the unique capability to cater to virtually any insurance need imaginable. Should their extensive array of offerings fall short, their expansive network of trusted partnerships ensures that no client’s requirements go unmet. Yet, what truly sets Eau Claire Partners apart is not just their breadth of coverage, but their unwavering dedication to prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of each individual they serve. In a landscape often characterized by profit-driven motives, Eau Claire Partners stands for integrity, emphasizing client-centricity above all else. Choosing the right insurance provider is not merely a matter of convenience, but a decision with far-reaching implications for one’s financial security and peace of mind. In this pursuit, the choice becomes clear: Eau Claire Partners, where genuine care meets unparalleled expertise, ensuring that your insurance journey is not just comprehensive, but truly exceptional in every sense.

About Paul Hittel

Paul Hittel is a seasoned professional with years of experience in the finance industry. With a strong background in investment management and financial planning, Paul has helped numerous clients achieve their financial goals and secure their futures. His dedication to providing personalized and strategic financial advice sets him apart in the industry.

As a partner with Eau Claire Partners, and a licensed advisor with the Alberta Insurance Council, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work. He is known for his analytical skills, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional customer service to his clients. Paul provides a “white glove” service where clients have told him that he puts the “personal” back into personal finance. Whether you are planning for retirement, saving for your children’s education, or looking to grow your wealth, Paul is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the financial world with confidence.

Outside of work, Paul enjoys exploring the outdoors with his wife. He has bragging rights to baking THE BEST peanut butter cookies. Paul also has a passion for giving back to the community. He is actively involved in volunteering with AIESEC and with Make-a-Wish Canada. Paul believes in giving back whenever he is able to and loves making a positive impact beyond the world of finance.



We feel that it is important that you have a sense of the company that you are referring, so we arranged to have Underground Radio C conduct an exclusive interview with Paul Hittel. Please watch the video below to get a better idea of one of the people behind Eau Claire Partners, and how they can help businesses grow.


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The best way to really get to know someone and their business, is to have a conversation with them. We invite you to send Paul a message and invite him for a virtual or in person chit chat. As a member of ChillHR, you are able to refer our Partners, and make a little bit of extra cash in the process.

Paul Hittel
Paul HittelPartner


Customer testimonials are extremely valuable. Not only for the business, but also for future clients to get a sense of the business that they are thinking of hiring. They provide this unbiased candor and give the company a firm pat on the back to say “You’re A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! Thank you!”

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