Referrals FAQ

Referrals FAQ2023-06-05T07:42:45-06:00
Do I have to sell anything?2023-05-31T19:11:03-06:00

We don’t expect you to sell anything! Our Partners each have experienced and seasoned staff that are able to take care of that part of things.

How much can I make when I refer someone?2023-05-31T19:17:48-06:00

As a member of ChillHR, you can receive between $50 to $1000 per sale made from your referral.

As a sales contractor for ChillHR (which is really easy to become), you can make considerably more! Our contractors make 20% of  the profits generated from each sale they make that is completed. This can be extremely lucrative with some of our partners!

Can I refer my own company or the company I work for and make referral money?2023-06-05T22:37:50-06:00

Most companies have a “Conflict of Interest” clause included with your hiring package.

This is OUR conflict of interest policy. To keep everyone happy (and employed), it is our policy that employees are unable to benefit financially if they refer their employer. We have contractual agreements with some of our partners that clearly stipulates that we are unable to pay anyone for referring their employer. In most cases, an employee referring their employer won’t also be the person making the purchasing decision. Still, we still want to make sure no one finds themselves in an awkward position. The ChillHR community cares about it’s members just like it’s members care about ChillHR. It’s your community and we want to keep things transparent and honest.

How much do I get paid as a member?2023-06-05T23:16:05-06:00

We are able to pay our members between $12 – $1000 for any good referrals that our partners receive.

It is difficult for our partners to provide an exact amount until the sale is finalized. This is because there are several different factors involved that our partners need to internally finalize. Once a sale has been finalized for our partner, and our partner has received payment, then our partner is able to pay ChillHR, and we will pay you.

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