Chill Offers FAQ

Chill Offers FAQ2022-10-21T07:52:30-06:00
What is a Chill Offer?2022-10-18T13:54:56-06:00

Chill Offers is a membership rewards program for paid members of ChillHR (HR Professionals and vendors). Small Business owners/Vendors provide discounts off of their products or services for our members to enjoy. We have a variety of businesses providing discounts such as Bath bombs, carpet cleaning, restaurants, food (beef, chicken, pork), and more.

Am I able to change my Chill Offer at any time?2022-10-21T07:51:53-06:00

Absolutely! You are provided with your own login as a Chill Offer vendor. When you have a new discount you would like to introduce, simply login and provide the details.

Can any Vendor join Chill Offers?2022-10-12T18:32:47-06:00

Any vendor wishing to join Chill Offers needs to be able to offer a product or service that can be used personally to promote mental health and wellness. No products or services that are normally provided to corporations are permitted in the Chill Offer Member Perks space.

As a Chill Offer vendor only, can I use the Chill Offers member Perks?2022-10-12T18:31:53-06:00

The Chill Offer Member Perks program is reserved for subscribed members only. You must be a paid member in order to access this service.

Is Chill Offers a paid service?2022-10-12T17:47:50-06:00

No. Chill Offers is ALWAYS free to advertise a discount meant for “personal” use (no corporations discounts should be on this side) whether you are a member to ChillHR or not.

As a Chill Offer vendor, can I change my discount offer at any time.2022-10-12T18:30:54-06:00

Absolutely. Login to your profile anytime to update or make any changes to your Chill Offer discount

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